Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance

Black water tank with blue pipework

Water Harvesting

DownUnderPlumbing can help you with any water tank requirements, from water tank cleaning to concrete tank crack repairs and full replacements.

Commercial Fire Sprinkler

Fire Protection

For many isolated rural properties, its too much of a risk not to have fire sprinklers installed to protect your home and family. DownUnderPlumbing can help service, maintain or price new installs.

Professional Testing Water

Water Testing

Often rain water can have E.coli or giardia and bores can be full of silica or nitrates which can be detrimental to your family’s health. DownUnderPlumbing can test your drinking water supply and offer solutions to improve your water quality.

Maintenance hatches to waste water systems

Waste Water Treatment

DownUnderPlumbing are the Biolityx service agent for South Auckland and our knowledge of all septic tanks is second to none. We can resolve any pump issues, aeration issues, or blocks in your irrigation field.

Dairy Cow standing at Drinking Trough

Horse and Cow Troughs

We can repair any bore lines and animal trough or greenhouse water main feeds.

Pumping septic tank

Drain Unblocking

DownUnderPlumbing can unblock or repair any drainage issues you may have. With our team of experts and industry knowledge, we can repair that pesky drain once and for all.

Water filtration system with blue filter case being serviced by a technician

Water Filters

Keeping your water clean, potable, and taste free is a must on a rural property. DownUnderPlumbing can supply and replace your filter to make sure your water is germ free and safe for the family.

Black water tank with pump system.


DownUnderPlumbing specialise in pump repairs and have a full stock of pressure control switches and pumps in case of an emergency.

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Office Line


Standard Hours

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